Hydroponic Dual Growing Chamber
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21 Plant ~ Dual Chamber
Hydroponic Gardening Indoor Greenhouse
Model Q-9

"The Ultimate Indoor GreenHouse."
"Self-contained Home Hydroponics System."
"Maximize your 'seed to bloom' indoor gardening."
"Organic Yields, Low Power Usage, No Noise, Cost Efficient."

  QuickGrow Hydroponics model Q-9 indoor hydroponic gardening system is the 'Ultimate' self contained growing chamber. We utilize the benefits of both fluorescent and high pressure sodium lighting in all of our high-tech systems. The Q-9 is a two chambered unit which enables simultaneous propagation/vegetation and flowering, plus takes it one step further.

  Our model Q-9 also uses the most advanced hydroponic equipment and components for air filteration, watering, ergonomics, timing, aeroponics, ventilation and CO2 en-richment. The result is a state of the art system that is easy to use requiring little power and minimal space.

  The Vegetative chamber uses a full spectrum 6400K, 135 watt compact fluorescent bulb (CFL), ideal for germination, the first stages of root developement, propagating and vegetative growth. The Vegetative chamber allows room for a parent plant, plus 11 additional 4 inch pots for newly propagated plants, all with their own watering lines. This eliminates the need for a parent plant to be kept in a separate unit, that would require an additional light source. Porpagating and then vegitating a parent plant eliminates the need to continuously start your plants from seed. The removable clone tray allows clones and/or seedlings to complete the first stages of rooting and propagation.

  The flowering chamber uses a fully enclosed air cooled 400 watt HPS bulb (High Pressure Sodium) which is ideal for flowering any plant. OuickGrow's Q-9 has its own independent exhaust system that allows the heat created from the H.P.S. bulb to be exhausted from the unit immediately. This chamber houses nine 4 inch pots with their own independant watering lines, that deliver a superb yield from your plants.

  The Q-9 dual chamber system uses a unique deep water culture, timed drip irrigation system which supplies the plants with 12 hours of continual oxygenated water. The reservoir is oxygenated by using the latest in aerating technology. A long lasting air pump is used in conjunction with quality air stones that provide ample oxygen to the roots that will ensure lush plants in 8 weeks every flowering cycle. This unique aeroponic system eliminates the need for a separate reservoir. The roots simply grow throught the hydroton stone and bath in the water in complete darkness, while still being provided with hydratin, oxygen and nutrient as needed.





Q-9 Dual Chamber ~ Front View

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Q-9 Rear View

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  This fully automated model Q-9 is run by an easy to use, pre-programmed digital PLC timer, that enable YOU to grow plants according to your own personal schedule and not have to constantly tend the 'mechanics' of growing equipment. The CO2 enrichment option allows you to attain an even more productive yield. CO2 is like a natural Steriod for plants. It will create healthier plants that will produce more fruits and vegtables. Our Coco Carbon filter will allow you to grow while virtually eliminating any smell and particulate matter produced from vegatative and flowering plants.

  Our dual chamber is very compact and takes virtually no space in your home. It is approximately the size of a 40" TV and rolls on casters. outside demisions are: 54"s in width by 42"s in height and only 30"s in depth. Our machine comes fully assembled and once in your home all that is required is to simply add water, plug the machine in and away youb grow. This complete turn key system provides a perfect growing environment that will produce spectacular yields.

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Q-9 With Front Cover Secured

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